Modal Concepts and Compositionality

Project Funded by the Research Council of Norway RCN FRIPRO Project No. 275490  Modal Concepts and Compositionality: New Directions in Experimental Semantics

Exploring Psycholinguistic Correlates of Meaning Composition

This is a project funded by the Research Council of Norway, running from 2018-2022. In the project we aim to investigate the effects of sentence internal composition in the domain of modality and aspect, using psycholinguistic methods. The project compares Russian and English whose devices for the expression of modal and aspectual notions differ considerably.

Research Outputs

Poster at CUNY/AMLAP 2020 on comparing English and Russian eyetracking data in a task that contrasted completed and ongoing interpretations of basic verbal forms. Link to the OSF page here

Poster at CUNY 2020 on comparing Russian adults and childrens eyetracking based on the perfective-imperfective grammaticalized distinction in Russian. Link to OSF page here.

Talk at AMLAP 2020 on Russian eyetracking, using a cluster based permutation analysis to explore effect onset differences related to whether perfectivity is cued via prefix or suffix in individual verb forms. There is a link to the recorded version of the talk here.

Sergey Minor

Postdoctoral researcher

Myrte Vos

PhD student.