fullsizeoutput_1e7 I am a Professor in Linguistics at the University of Tromsø, and a senior researcher at CASTL (Center for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Linguistics).  I am interested in the syntax-semantics interface, especially with regard to verbal argument structure, tense, aspect and modality.  The languages I have worked on include Scottish Gaelic, Bengali and English.

For my personal story in becoming a linguist, you will find my LinguistList profile here

You can find some recent, downloadable research output on this site here.

I am the current leader of the CASTL-Fish research group at UiT Norway’s Arctic University.  You can access our webpage here
I run a project called Modal Concepts and Compositionality funded by the Norwegian Research Council.
Myrte Vos (PhD candidate) and Sergey Minor (Post Doc) are my co-researchers on that project. See the project page here.
As of Spring 2017, I am also the President of Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW).
Check out our website here.
Here is a video of a popular science presentation I made in NewYork in connection with the ROOTs conference, in May 2015 on morphology and the universality of language.   My bit starts about 30 minutes in and ends at 46 minutes.
 I started  blogging about linguistic matters  a couple of years ago.   You can access my old blog site  here