Recent Papers

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Slides: Abralin ao vivo presentation 30th September 2020: Argument Structure for the 21st Century.

Ramchand, Gillian. ms. Truth is Dead. Long live the truth. Review of Paul Pietroski’s Conjoining Meanings

Ramchand, Gillian. ms.  Verbal Symbols and Deployment Across Modalities

Ramchand, Gillian.  (2018). Situations and Syntactic Structures. MIT Press Monographs.

Ramchand, Gillian. to appear 2018. Alternating Adjectives The Linguistic Review.

Ramchand, Gillian. 2018. Grammatical vs. Lexical Formatives. in Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik, Pritty Patel-Grosz and Charles Yang (eds). Syntactic Structures after 60 Years.  Mouton, de Gruyter.

Ramchand, Gillian. 2017. The Event Domain. in Roberta D’Alessandro and Irene Franco (eds.) The Verbal Domain. Oxford University Press.

Lundquist, B. et al. 2016. Anticausatives are semantically reflexive in Norwegian, but not in English.    GLOSSA: a journal of General Linguistics. 1(1):47 1-30.

More generally on this topic, see: The Transitivity Alternations Project

Ramchand, Gillian and Peter Svenonius. 2014. `Deriving the Functional Hierarchy’Language Sciences. volume 46: 152-174.

Ramchand, Gillian. 2014. `Structural Meaning and Conceptual Meaning in Verb Semantics’Linguistic Analysis. Volume 39: 211-247.

Ramchand, Gillian. 2014.  `Causal Chains and Instrumental Case in Hindi/Urdu’
in  B. Copley and F. Martin (eds.). Causation in Grammatical Structures. Oxford University Press.

Ramchand, Gillian. 2014. Deriving Variable LinearizationNatural Language and Linguistic Theory.  32(1) pg 263-282

Ramchand, Gillian. 2013. `Argument Structure and Argument Structure Alternations’ . in M. den Dikken (ed.) Cambridge Handbook of Generative Syntax. CUP.