Transitivity Alternations Project

I was project leader for a 3 year project funded by the Research Council of Norway and the University of Tromsø called Transitivity Alternations: Experimental Investigations in English and Norwegian.  December 2013-June 2016

The project co-researchers are Björn Lundquist (UiT) and Mai Tungseth (UiT)
International Consultant on the project is Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh)
In the project, we used psycholinguistic methods to test the processing effects of verbs that participate in the causative-inchoative alternation in English and Norwegian respectively. The English alternations are labile, while the Norwegian alternations are mediated by the `reflexive´ marker seg. Our goal was to test for the effects of morphological markedness, ambiguity and causational complexity in the representation of verbal lexical items.
Poster presented at AMLaP, Edinburgh 2014
Poster presented at AMLaP, Bilbao 2016
CUNY Presentation 2015: